Finished Features #

IOS & Android Client #

  • Photos / videos backup
  • User can upload photos / videos from mobile phone to self hosted server.
  • User can browse all remote backed up photos / videos from mobile phone.
  • Auto mirror backed-up photos / videos to the secondary hard drive nightly
    • Need configure the secondary hard drive at mobile client user setting.
  • Family oriented backup and sharing. Each user have its own account and stored under their own home directory.
  • Share photos / videos among family members without leaking to internet.
  • Share photos / videos to TV / monitor screen via below ways:
    • Lomoframe: User can send selected photos / videos to lomoframe users.
    • Chromecast: Chromecast is auto discovered by the backend system. User can send selected photos / videos to specific chromecast user.

IOS Client #

  • Background upload during sleep mode
  • Client can auto discover photos / videos geo location and user can search photos by Geo location
  • Client can auto recognize text and user can search photos by words in the text.
  • Client can auto find similar photos based on their actual content.

Web Client #

  • User can import photos / videos from local computer .
  • User can browse remote photos / videos from local computer.

Lomo importer #

Native application cross Windows /MAC OS to allow user batch import assets

  • User can import google takeout zip file directly
  • User can import local directory

Lomoframe #

Turn your any screens into photo frame with Raspberry Pi or Armbian Single Board Computer. After installation, user can share photos / videos to this screen

Lomoframe for android tablet #

Trun your android tablet int photo frame just install the lomo-android-frame app.

Thirdparty integration #

Chromecast #

Lomo backend will auto discover chromecast devices, add into the system as family users, then user can share photos / videos to them from mobile client

Backlog #

All clients #

  • Scan and import previous backed-up photos / videos
  • Album management
  • Remote backup
  • more AI features

Android client #

  • Background upload - Work In Progress
  • Similarity detect based on content
  • Metadata search

Lomo Importer: #

  • Import google takeout metadata

Thirdparty integration #

  • Magic Mirror module for lomorage - Work In Progress
  • Amazon Fire TV
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