Armbian #

You have two options to install:

  • Docker installation

  • Build your own image

Docker installation #

Please refer to lomo-docker for installation with docker image. You should use the arm image “lomorage/raspberrypi-lomorage:latest”.

Build your own image #

It should support all the SBC supported by official Armbian, but if you find it doesn’t work, feel free to reach us.

There is a prebuild image for Orange Pi Zero.

The default Armbian login username is “lomoware” and password is “lomorage”.

1. Prepare build env #

If you are using Ubuntu Focal 20.04.x amd64, you can skip this step.

  • Download and install Vagrant.

  • Install a plug-in that will enable us to resize the primary storage device:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-disksize
  • Install git and clone the Armbian repo:
# Clone the project.  
git clone --depth 1

# Make the Vagrant box available. This might take a while but only needs to be done once.  
vagrant box add ubuntu/focal64

# If the box gets updated by the folks at HashiCorp, we'll want to update our copy too.  
# This only needs done once and a while.  
vagrant box update

2. Build the image #

  • First bring the box up:
# We have to be in the same directory as the Vagrant file, which is in the build/config/templates directory.

cd build/config/templates

#  Note that you can edit the Vagrant  file to specify the number of cpus and amount of memory you want Vagrant to use.

# And now we simply let vagrant create our box and bring it up.

vagrant up

# When the box has been installed we can get access via ssh.
# (No need for passwords, Vagrant installs the keys we'll need.)
vagrant ssh
  • Change to board parameter in “userpatches/config-default.conf”, the default is BOARD="orangepizero", if you don’t know the board name, you can just use BOARD="" and choose the board when compiling, or you can refer to the configuration here.

  • build image:

# Let's get building!  
cd armbian  
sudo ./

After build successfully, the image will be generated in output/images.

3. Configuration parameter customization #

Refer the same section at raspberry installation

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