External Access

External Access Configuration #

Currently, external access need some manual setup and some technical background, we will make the process more user-friendly later.

There are a few tunnel services available for free use, most tunnel services require a client application running on your device, and set up a connection to the service running by the service provider, and it will give a subdomain name for you to use, if you access the URL with that subdomain, the tunnel service will forward the traffic/request to the client application.

You can use ngrok, which is a free tunnel services. ngrok need register before use, and need pay to customize subdomain.

If you are using Lomorage Raspbian image, the login username is “pi” and password is “raspberry”; If you are using Lomorage Armbian image, the login username is “lomoware” and password is “lomorage”;

ngrok #

1. Register #

Sign up a ngrok account here, after that, it will show up a “Setup & Installation” page.

2. Download #

ngrok is just one binary, you can download the version on your platform.

If you are on Raspberry Pi, you can copy the link of Linux(ARM) on the “Setup & Installation” page, which is “https://bin.equinox.io/c/4VmDzA7iaHb/ngrok-stable-linux-arm.zip" for now, and download it via “wget”.

wget https://bin.equinox.io/c/4VmDzA7iaHb/ngrok-stable-linux-arm.zip

3. Installation #

unzip and get the binary. You can double click on Windows or macOS to unzip it.

If you are using Raspberry Pi, use “unzip” command:

unzip ngrok-stable-linux-arm.zip

4. Connect your account #

On the “Setup & Installation” page step 3, it shows the “authtoken”, you need open terminal to run ngrok to add the authtoken to the config file.

./ngrok authtoken [your-authtoken-show-in-step-3]

5. Run ngrok #

Lomorage service is using “8000” by default, and ngrok can’t customize subdomain with free account. After runnig successfully, it will show the tunnel url, the subdomain is a random string which might change in next run.

./ngrok http 8000

6. Config tunnel service on Lomorage APP #

Open Lomorage APP on the phone, and in the settings tab, fill the tunnel service host, the host is like “2e30eea5.ngrok.io”, and port should be “443”.

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