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Privacy Matters #

Lomorage is a private photo cloud service which runs on your private network, which gives you the convenience of cloud-based photo backup service, but without the concern of leaking privacy. We are not, and will never collect ANY user privacy data.

You can also set up multiple Lomorage services in your private network, for different family members, which are completely isolated with each other.

Cross-Platform #

There is no OS limitation for running the Lomorage service, you can backup your photos on MAC, Windows and Raspberry Pi, and we will add other OS support upon user’s request. We have iOS, Android and Web clients.

Easy Setup #

We are not building another NAS system, so if you want to backup and manage your photos, but get scared by the complicated setup process of NAS, just forget about the jargons and take easy. Lomorage setup is guaranteed to be within minutes.

Keep Original Size #

The photo and video are stored as the original size on your disk, it will be exactly the same with the one taken on your phone, EXIF meta data (like location, date time) is preserved. Live photo is also supported, and the image and video clips are stored together as a zip file.

No Lockin #

Unlike some cloud-based file storage which split the file into smaller segments, Lomorage will store the photo file as it’s on the file system, we are not using any proprietary format.

Unlike some NAS system which requires user to format the disk before using it as backup storage, with Lomorage, you can just plug in a spare disk with popular file system, it just works, you won’t be locked to use specific file system, you can just use the file system you normally use, like FAT32/NTFS in Windows, thus you don’t need 3rd party software to access the backup file.

Zero Maintenance #

Cloud service hides the complexity of the system since Lomorage is a service deployed at the user’s network, we aim to provide the same user experience with the cloud service, to minimize user intervention and maintenance.

  • self upgrade: Lomorage service can upgrade to the newest version when available.

  • auto migration: Migration will be done automatically to make sure nothing breaks after the upgrade.

  • consistency check: consistency check will be scheduled regularly to make sure no abnormal in the system.

Flexible Backup Options #

Since most people will offload the phone storage, so having those backup once is not enough, Lomorage will provide several backup options:

  • Local redundancy backup: you can backup multiple copies locally, just plugin in more disks and set up the backup on your phone.

  • remote backup: you can backup to other Lomorage services setup by other family members or friends, with encryption. This is on the backlog, and plan to support this year.

Share Your Moments #

You can share moments with your family members, and create groups to share with multiple members at one time. It won’t occupy your disk space so you don’t need to worry about the disk usage on your phone.

Enjoy Your Memories #

You can connect monitor with Raspberry Pi and use that as digital photo frame, and you can setup multiple digital photo frames using Raspberry Pi zero w and access your digital assets via WiFi. No need to worries about the storage of digital frame, no need file transfer any more.

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